Love Me As I Am

I’m very glad to be part of this Auckland Arts Festival line up,  a tribute to my dear friend Mahinārangi Tocker and her beautiful songs.
I’ll be sharing the stage with some really cool New Zealand artists: Auckland Town Hall, March 16th & 17.

Lucky Stars – Album release Friday April 17

Don’s new album “Lucky Stars” is set for release on April 17th. Don started the raw material for this new album at a bach on the Thames Estuary, then realised them in Neil Finn’s writing room at Roundhead Studio, Auckland, with guitarist Tom Rodwell. He produced them with former Mutton Birds bandmate David Long, (who also…

New video for single “Lucky Stars”

Production team Trophy Wife bring their hand-made paper-cut magic to produce a stunning video for the first single from Dons album ‘Lucky Stars’. It’s a journey both magical and down to earth, constructed by hand over literally hundred of hours. See the video at the link below.